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Cyber Liability Insurance

The internet is not a safe place. Security breaches and other threats could sink a small business in a matter of moments. If you don’t have the right cyber liability insurance, you could be facing a disaster similar to having a fire at your property.

We have the expertise to help you choose the right level of insurance to meet the needs of your business. Our staff will work closely with you to decide how much coverage will work depending on your industry.

While the cybersecurity needs of a technology company are far greater than those of a coffee shop, the average coffee shop still needs cyber liability insurance. Identity theft and other cyber crimes are not the domain of large companies alone. Hackers can drag a small business down, particularly because they are often easier targets without the same expensive protections as the big guys.

Unless the right coverage is in place, you can be vulnerable. All it takes is an online presence for hackers to worm their way into your computer systems.

Contact us today. We'll help you choose the level of coverage that’s right for your business.